Company introduction

Introduction of KoreaBio Healthcare.


Thank you for visiting KoreaBio Healthcare.

The core value of KoreaBio Healthcare is human health promotion

because human health is the foundation of human prosperity and development.

However, modern society is facing a serious threat to human health due to environmental pollution, germs and viruses.

In particular, the emergence of mutated viruses has led to a surge in the number of patients and deaths worldwide. 

The periodic occurrence of these cases has been highlighted as a major factor in the decline of human prosperity.


So KoreaBio Healthcare's mission is to improve the living environment of people around the world to prevent diseases and develop products that enhance immunity so that they can enjoy a healthy life without disease. 

Our vision is to contribute to their healthy lives by distributing bacteria and virus-blocking products to the homes and workplaces of 1 billion people in 100 countries.

KoreaBio Healthcare's business areas include the development of disinfectants necessary for preventing personal infections, steam sterilizers necessary for distribution and indoor quarantine, development of UV-NANO Disinfection systems, sales of negative pressure devices necessary for hospital room prevention, and construction of negative pressure facilities. we also accumulate expertise and expands business areas at the same time. 

KoreaBio Healthcare is based on eco-friendly, pollution-free materials for human health, and the sustainability of the environment. 

KoreaBio Healthcare will continue its research and development to help everyone in the world stay healthy at a low cost, in an easy and convenient way.