Company introduction

Let me introduce Taejin Healthcare.

Company Identity

Introducing KoreaBio Healthcare corporate identity.

Core value

The core value of KoreaBio Healthcare is human health promotion.

Because human health is the foundation of human prosperity and development.

The second core value is a challenge. Only when interspecies convergence takes place with challenges beyond the realm of expertise.

Because you can innovate. 

The last core value is trust. To create products that have a strong impact on the health of customers 

This is because the trust of the customer is the same as life.

KoreaBio Healthcare boldly challenges new areas to promote human health.

I want to be a company that builds trust through customer satisfaction.

Improvement in health
Improvement in health

Improve the living environment of people around the world to prevent diseases, 

Develop products that enhance immunity so that you can enjoy a healthy life without illness.


One billion people in 100 countries have distributed environmental improvement products at home and at work to promote human health. contribute to the development of mankind

C.I Design

koreaBio Healthcare's "design ci" is challenging corporate initiative and to improve human health. 

The customer is the direction of the management of the companies said they would make reliable symbol.

Exclusive color

KoreaBio Blue, a dedicated color, protects human health. A clean environment and a spirit of challenge in new fields. 

Signature Type / Color Regulation

Signature type is a carefully adjusted balance and proportion considering the uniformity and formability of the form. Therefore, you should be careful not to make arbitrary changes in any case.